AFAV (Project coordinator) is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1991 due to the concern of relatives to gather information from Alzheimer’s disease and/or other dementias and learn how to deal with the situation that arises in people and their relatives.

The association is formed by people with Alzheimer, their relatives, related professionals, volunteers and collaborators who strive to improve the quality of life of those people (patients, relatives and caregivers) directly or indirectly affected with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. With this purpose, AFAV offers resources, services and activities, including training that try to meet the needs that arise at different stages. In the same way it makes a meticulous work of awareness and social awareness of the problems addressed both the affected and society in general.

  • AFAV is an organization that currently has almost 3000 members and provides services annually to more than 10000 people.
  • It was declared of public utility by the Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs in November 1998.
  • AFAV has the quality control of the Norma ISO 9001/2008 for the Day Centre service from April 2011.

Spominčica (Forget-me-not) – Alzheimer Slovenia with its local branches (10), was established in 1997. It is a non-governmental organization with a status of humanitarian organization, aimed at providing help and support to persons with dementia and their carers. The activities of the programme “Living with dementia in dementia-friendly environment”, are aimed at providing support, information and education for carers and family members of persons with dementia. Throughout Slovenia more than 6000 participants, mainly persons with dementia, their carers and professionals in the field, are involved in our activities: Alzheimer Cafes, training programmes and workshops using traditional methods and ICT tools. Spominčica is also organizing interdisciplinary conferences on dementia, round tables, public events (like Memory walk), trainings for family members, carers and volunteers. With trained volunteers we are providing companionship to persons with dementia at living home.

Spominčica is coordinating a network of 210 Dementia Friendly Spots – organizations providing information to persons with dementia, their carers and public. Spominčica is full member of Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Turkish Alzheimer Association (TAD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1997 and is operating with 15 branch offices throughout the country. It is managed by a Board of Directors with 9 members, five of which are medical doctors (one psychiatrist, one GP and three neurologists), three members are patient careers and 1 member is business persons.

Turkish  Alzheimer Association serves Alzheimer patients free-of-charge in 4 Day Care Centres throughout the country.  Additionally, the Association runs two Nursing Homes for PwA one with 93 beds and the other with 40 beds.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) serves as the metropolitan University for southern Europe. Its medical school consists of > 500 academic staff members, and > 3500 active students.

The Laboratory of MedPhys was founded within the School of Medicine at AUTH back in 1964. It was the first medical physics laboratory in the Greek Higher Education. The mission of the Lab is to excel in training and multi-disciplinary research in a setting that fosters creativity and synergy

MedPhys has very strong experience in leading projects as it has successfully run numerous national and international grants and it is also authorised clinical trial recorder at AUTH and ISO-9001 certified on Software Design, Development & Production and Design & Implementation of Education/Training programmes. Medphys is running also the 2* EIPonAHA Reference Site LLM Care Ecosystem, which is the first and oldest Greek Reference Site, and the only cross-country reference site

The society consortium of cooperatives “IL CERCHIO” includes 16 cooperatives of the territory of the Province of  Viterbo (Italy) and works since 2006 to the Law 381/91, which establishes that the social cooperatives “operate in the general interest of the communities to the human promotion and the social integration of citizens”.

The consortium operates in the general interest of the communities to the human promotion and the social integration of the citizens.

The objective is to create new employment opportunities in the social and health care and in the rehabilitation sector, as well as in employment for people with disabilities and / or disadvantaged people. It also provides services of a qualitatively high standard thanks to qualified and specialized professionals in the different areas of intervention.

The consortium “Il CERCHIO” has an important experience in the sector of the services that allows the inclusion people with psychic, physical and/or social disadvantage, including home care service for patients with Alzheimer. Professionals team is formed by physiotherapist, psychologist, professional educators and operator social health. 

The professionals team works to improvement the quality of life the adult with disability.

UPV is a public Higher Education Institution actively involved in international cooperation and mobility projects.

UPV-SABIEN has an extensive expertise in the application of ICT to the social and healthcare systems, in Ambient Intelligence (AmI), in Ambient Assisted Living technologies (AAL), and also in reengineering and evaluation and validation of social and health care processes and solutions in real environments, not only dealing with the generation of indicators but also user and business centered data, including a long experience in using mobile technologies for health and social purposes. The group is also responsible for several health related web sites, including several social webs, and it is very active in the health2.0 domain.