The Project

There are more than 6 million Persons with Alzheimer`s and other Dementia (PwAD) in Europe, affecting the 10% of the population over 65 and the 50% of those over 85 years old. Due to the increased life expectancy, this disease is becoming an epidemic, affecting the person, relatives and caregiver. There is scientific evidence that non-pharmacological interventions can be successful in sustaining autonomy and Quality of Life (QoL) by minimizing cognitive and behavioral decline.

AD-ARTS proposes to use Creative Arts Therapies (CATs), as “planned and creative use of art, dance, drama or music to accomplish individualized clinical goals”, to complement other therapies focused in minimizing cognitive and behavioral decline of PwAD.

AD-ARTS will be developed during 24 months between 01/11/2019 and 31/10/2021.


PwAD are capable of creative and recreational activities that involve procedural memory skills, rather than semantic or episodic memory. In addition to mental stimulation, CATs also provide both a personal sense of control and social support. Activities in which PwAD can create their own artwork or music allow spontaneity, originality, and expression of personal thoughts and feelings that, in turn, improve emotional health.


Despite on the availability of CATs and supporting Digital Tools (DTs), their implementation is not extended and, therefore, their potential for improving QoL of PwAD is underexploited.

AD-ARTS is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, knowledge, skills) of PwAD (Mild and Moderate), Relatives and Professionals on the implementation of CATs supported by DTs for improving Quality of Life.

Specific objectives:

AD-ARTS is focused at the cooperation of organizations at European level:

Target groups

AD-ARTS will involve participants from the next target groups:

Persons with Mild-Moderate Alzheimer's and other Dementia
Professionals working with Persons with Alzheimer`s and other Dementia

Professionals already working in Care Services for PwAD with technical profile and interested in the implementation of Creative Arts Therapies.

Arts Therapists interested in the application of Creative Arts Therapies to PwAD and in the use of Digital Tools

Expected Results

Methodological Guide with the main objective of determining the key contents, methodologies and tools needed for creating and improving the competences of PwAD, Relatives and Professionals about how to implement Creative Arts Therapies with the support of Digital Tools.

Designed Experiential Training Activities to enhance the practical and experiential training of PwAD, Families and Professionals, including the optimal and oriented exploitation of Training Materials within real environments. These experiential activities will be specifically ADDRESSED TO TRAINERS, including guidelines for its implementation and conduction.

Training Materials addressed to PwAD, Families and Professionals about how to implement Creative Arts Therapies with the support of Digital Tools.

Validation of the training program will be implemented involving 130 persons (30 in Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and 10 Greece) including PwAD, Relatives and professionals for validation of the project results.